Time Enough

Available May 11

01 I Can’t Live Without You
02 Before the Fall
03 Any Other Way
04 Lead Me Lover
05 Another Morning
06 You Don’t Love Me
07 Foreign Shores
08 We Look Back
09 Some Lies

On this, their fourth studio album, the band stays true to the root strength of their harmony driven sound, while extending the borders into fresh yet familiar territory. They craft a sonically understated, but emotionally fulsome sound that accomplishes what they've always done so well: stun listeners with what Amelia Curran calls "perfect vocal harmonies, thick enough to stand on."



We Win Some We Lose

Released October, 2016

01 The Blood Inside Your Heart (For Olive)
02 Gonna Get Good
03 We Are Love
04 Tell Me Something I Don't Know
05 Last Lemonade
06 Last Lemonade [Live]
07 The Blood Inside Your Heart (For Olive) [Live]

The Once along with the incomparable Daniel Ledwell traverse the gentle war between the heart and the head with sonic simplicity and harmonious ease on their latest release, We Win Some We Lose. It is a creation that is both epic and minute in it's scope and execution; it holds closely everything the band has been since its genesis while allowing serious strides forward in poetry and play. We Win Some We Lose explores the length of life in meek moments that mark the depths of gain within loss. It is an anthemic ode to the ‘good hurt.’ Lie down and listen.




Released May, 2014 / Nettwerk Music Group

01 The Town Where You Lived
02 We Are All Running
03 You Lead, I Will Follow
04 Fool For You
05 All the Hours
06 Into Your Life
07 Can’t Help Falling In Love
08 Standing At Your Door
09 The Nameless Murderess
10 Sonny’s Dream

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Produced by John Critchey and The Once at Green Door Studios, Toronto, Ontario. Mixed by John Critchley at Green Door Studios, Toronto, Ontario. Mastered by Ron Skinner at Heading North Mastering. String and horn arrangements by Bryden Baird. Artwork, design, and layout by Joel E. Hunt,. Studio shots by Britt DeLara; all others by The Once.



This Is A Christmas Album

Released December 20120

01 Cause it’s Christmas
02 I Won’t Do Christmas Without You
03 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
04 Conventry Carol
05 All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth
06 Christmas Song
07 Gabriel’s Message
08 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
09 The Light in Your Window
10 Oh My Rudolph

Produced by The Once. Engineered by Robert Kelly at The Sanctuary Moon in Chamberlains, NL and at the Stagehouse Recording Artist Studio in St. Phillips, NL. Additional engineering by Mark Neary at The Sanctuary Moon and LabofChaos, Krisjan Leslie at LabofChaos, Jake Jones (assisted by Matt Farrier) at The Audio REcording Academy in Ottawa, ON. Mixed by Scott Hammond at The Blue Room in Stephenville, NL. Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering in Halifax, NS. Cover/Artwork and layout by Kevin Woolridge (based on The Little World).



Row Upon Row of the People They Know

Released October 2011

01 Cradle Hill
02 Jack The Sailor
03 You’re My Best Friend
04 My Husband’s Got No Courage
05 Valley of Kilbride
06 Charlie’s
07 By The Glow Of The Kerosene Light
08 A Round Again
09 Ode To A Broken Heart
10 Song For Memory

Produced by Mark Neary and The Once (and Bob Hallett had a hand in it too). Engineered by Don Ellis, Krisjan Leslie and Laurence Currie. Recorded at Fat Track Studio, St. John's with additional recording at Lab of Chaos, St. John's, and Sunnyside Studios, Toronto. Mixed by Laurence Currie. Mastered by Joao Carvalho. Album design by Jud Haynes. Photography by Renita Fillatre. Paintings by Mike Gough.



The Once

Released September 2010

01 Sail Away To The Sea
02 Nell’s Song
03 Maid On The Shore
04 Coming Back To You
05 What Will You Be Building
06 Marguerite
07 Is The Big Man Within/Hound’s/Gerald Thomas’ Burnt Potato
08 Three Fishers
09 Willie Taylor
10 The Deserter
11 The Briar and The Rose
12 Anthem

Produced by Mark Neary and The Once. Recorded by Don Ellis at Fat Tracks Studios, St. John's and by Mark Neary at Great Big Studios, St. John's. Mixed by Laurence Currie at Sunnyside Studios, Toronto. Mastered By Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto. Layout by Jud Haynes. Linocuts by Duncan Major. Photo by Adam Penney.